Tata Sip Trunk Chennai

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SIP Trunk is an IP based PSTN Telephony Service that can support 20 to 1500 voice channels over a single link, in a scalable manner. Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires are being delivered from the service provider to a customer, SIP trunk allows a company to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with single physical connectivity from the service provider network. Enterprise with installed IP-PBX can connect SIP trunk and continue to communicate with their employees and customers over IP

SIP Trunk Features

PSTN Dialing: Both direct outward and direct inward dialing features are available on SIP Trunk.
Number Plan: Both normal and telemarketer(140XXX) numbers are available on SIP Trunk
Local Pooling on SIP Trunk: Pooling of Free Call Value (FCV) is now available on SIP Trunk for optimizing your free call usage

Technical Specifications

The SIP Trunks will be delivered through Tata Docomo Business Services state-of-the-art Class 5 NGN switches.
Minimum 20 channels have to be subscribed by customer. This can scale up to 1500 on the same physical link.
Upgradation/downgradation of channels shall be as per the defined channel slabs only. By default, bandwidth sizing shall be done considering G.711 codec